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Company NameCompany A NumAF #IngredientProduct NameActive DateCancel Date
Valvoline LLC1292Ethylene GlycolBMW Antifreeze/Coolant7/1/20176/30/2022
Valvoline LLC12930Ethylene GlycolMercedes-Benz Anticorrosion/Antifreeze Agent (Part Number BQ 1 03 0004)7/1/20176/30/2022
Old World Industries, LLC3337Ethylene GlycolFull Force Antifreeze & Coolant7/24/20176/30/2022
Old World Industries, LLC3341Ethylene GlycolAdvance Antifreeze & Coolant7/24/20176/30/2022
Colorado Petroleum Prod.1696Ethylene GlycolRugged Antifreeze and Coolant7/1/20176/30/2022
Old World Industries, LLC3397Propylene GlycolSierra Antifreeze/Coolant7/24/20176/30/2022
Old World Industries, LLC33128Ethylene GlycolParts Master Antifreeze Coolant7/24/20176/30/2022
Valvoline LLC129189Ethylene GlycolZerex Dex Cool Orange OAT Formula Antifreeze/Coolant7/1/20176/30/2022
Old World Industries, LLC33223Ethylene GlycolPolar Antifreeze / Coolant7/24/20176/30/2022
Old World Industries, LLC33227Ethylene GlycolAlliance Antifreeze & Coolant Universal Low Silicate Formula (AAA003)7/24/20176/30/2022
Old World Industries, LLC33228Ethylene GlycolMobil Permazone Antifreeze and Coolant7/24/20176/30/2022
Valvoline LLC129232Ethylene GlycolZerex Original Green Antifreeze Coolant7/1/20176/30/2022
Old World Industries, LLC33234Ethylene GlycolAGCO Antifreeze & Summer Coolant7/24/20176/30/2022
Old World Industries, LLC33251Ethylene GlycolFleet Charge 50/50 Prediluted Heavy Duty Coolant / Antifreeze7/24/20176/30/2022
Valvoline LLC129255Ethylene GlycolZerex Heavy Duty Pre-Charged Antifreeze/Coolant 50/50 Prediluted7/1/20176/30/2022
Shell Lubricants / SOPUS46269Ethylene GlycolShellzone Dex-Cool EL Antifreeze/Engine Coolant Concentrate7/1/20176/30/2022
Shell Lubricants / SOPUS46271Ethylene GlycolShell Rotella ELC Concentrate Antifreeze/Engine Coolant7/1/20176/30/2022
Shell Lubricants / SOPUS46272Ethylene GlycolShell Rotella ELC Pre-Diluted 50/50 Antifreeze/Engine Coolant7/1/20176/30/2022
PRESTONE PRODUCTS CORPORATION143273Ethylene GlycolPrestone Dex-Cool Approved Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant7/1/20176/30/2022
Old World Industries, LLC33289Ethylene GlycolFinal Charge Global 50/50 Prediluted Extended Life Coolant / Antifreeze7/24/20176/30/2022
Old World Industries, LLC33292Ethylene GlycolMopar 5 Year Antifreeze / Coolant7/24/20176/30/2022
Old World Industries, LLC33294Ethylene GlycolPower Cool Diesel Engine Coolant7/24/20176/30/2022
Old World Industries, LLC33295Ethylene GlycolMopar Antifreeze & Coolant (Three Year Formula)7/24/20176/30/2022
Old World Industries, LLC33303Ethylene GlycolHarley-Davidson Extended Life 50/50 Pre-Diluted Antifreeze & Coolant7/24/20176/30/2022
Shell Lubricants / SOPUS46308Ethylene GlycolShellzone Dex-Cool EL Pre-Diluted 50/50 Antifreeze/Engine Coolant7/1/20176/30/2022
Shell Lubricants / SOPUS46309Ethylene GlycolShellzone Pre-Diluted 50/50 Antifreeze/Engine Coolant7/1/20176/30/2022
Old World Industries, LLC33333Ethylene GlycolPower Cool 50/50 Pre-Diluted Diesel Engine Coolant7/24/20176/30/2022
Old World Industries, LLC33334Ethylene GlycolPower Cool Plus Extended Life Diesel Engine Coolant/Antifreeze7/24/20176/30/2022
Old World Industries, LLC33336Ethylene GlycolPower Cool Plus Pre-Diluted 50/50 Extended Life Diesel Coolant/Antifreeze7/24/20176/30/2022
Old World Industries, LLC33341Ethylene GlycolNapa Green Antifreeze /Coolant7/24/20176/30/2022
Valvoline LLC129350 Zerex Extended Life Heavy Duty 50/50 Antifreeze/Coolant7/1/20176/30/2022
Valvoline LLC129351Ethylene GlycolZerex Extended Life Heavy Duty Antifreeze/Coolant7/1/20176/30/2022
Valvoline LLC129352Ethylene GlycolZerex G-05 Formula Antifreeze/Coolant7/1/20176/30/2022
Valvoline LLC129353Ethylene GlycolMaxLife Antifreeze/Coolant7/1/20176/30/2022
Valvoline LLC129356Ethylene GlycolZerex Dex Cool Orange OAT Formula 50/50 Prediluted Antifreeze/Coolant7/1/20176/30/2022
Old World Industries, LLC33361Ethylene GlycolNapa 50/50 Pre-Diluted Antifreeze / Coolant7/24/20176/30/2022
Old World Industries, LLC33365Ethylene GlycolParts Master Extended Life Antifreeze & Coolant7/24/20176/30/2022
Colorado Petroleum Prod.16373Ethylene GlycolRugged Ready to Use Premixed with Water Coolant & Antifreeze7/1/20176/30/2022
Valvoline LLC129374Ethylene GlycolMini Antifreeze/Coolant7/1/20176/30/2022
Valvoline LLC129420Ethylene GlycolZerex G-05 Formula Antifreeze/Coolant 50/50 Prediluted7/1/20176/30/2022
PRESTONE PRODUCTS CORPORATION143422Ethylene GlycolPrime by Prestone All Vehicles 50/50 Prediluted Antifreeze/Coolant7/1/20176/30/2022
PRESTONE PRODUCTS CORPORATION143423Ethylene GlycolPrime by Prestone All Vehicle Full Strength Antifreeze/Coolant7/1/20176/30/2022
Old World Industries, LLC33426Ethylene GlycolCastrol Heavy Duty Pre-Mix Antifreeze with SCA7/24/20176/30/2022
Old World Industries, LLC33431Ethylene GlycolPeak Long Life 50/50 Prediluted Antifreeze & Coolant (5 Year Protection)7/24/20176/30/2022
Old World Industries, LLC33432Ethylene GlycolFinal Charge Global Extended Life Coolant / Antifreeze7/24/20176/30/2022
Old World Industries, LLC33433Ethylene GlycolPeak Long Life Antifreeze & Coolant (5 Year Protection)7/24/20176/30/2022
Old World Industries, LLC33435Ethylene GlycolSuper Tech Extended LIfe RTU 50/50 Pre-diluted Antifreeze/Coolant7/24/20176/30/2022
Old World Industries, LLC33459Ethylene GlycolPeak Global Lifetime 50/50 Prediluted Antifreeze & Coolant7/24/20176/30/2022
Old World Industries, LLC33463Ethylene GlycolPeak Global Lifetime Antifreeze & Coolant Concentrate7/24/20176/30/2022
PRESTONE PRODUCTS CORPORATION143466Propylene GlycolPrestone Low Tox Antifreeze/Coolant7/1/20176/30/2022